April 3, 2013

My Dying Bride slams into The Cure

OK, The Cure honestly have some (very) good songs, but if I had one chance in my life to see My Dying Bride, I would not miss it! Official news from MDB: 
“My Dying Bride have been forced to change venue due to unforeseen circumstances in Argentina. According to the promoter in Argentina “The Cure” are playing in the same city on the same night and this has apparently had a negative effect on the ticket sales for this gig, even to the tune of so called MDB fans selling their tickets to buy The Cure tickets. My Dying Bride would just like to point out that this will be the only gig they will ever play in Argentina so if you miss this you’ve missed them for good. To say the band are disappointed at this news is somewhat of an understatement but they are committed to helping the promoter at least put on some kind of gig.”