Statement of Purpose:
Metal is music's greatest genre, and we revel in it. We love what's new, but mostly we love what's great -- regardless of what year it came out or whatever year it happens to be right now! Seriously, it does not matter if an album came out 15 days ago, or 15 years ago. Life is short, so listen like crazy to the best stuff you can get your hands on -- no matter what genre (of metal), and no matter what year it was recorded. MetalGuru analyzes this year's best metal AND each year of metal back to the very beginning: 1969/1970.

Regarding MetalGuru's Insane Update Schedule:
Our Promise to You: This blog will be updated at least annually! During the few scraps of free time that I have during the year...I am busy listening to the best stuff I can get my hands on. Only in this way can I properly ascertain who is to win the next Album Of The Year designation.

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