April 8, 2013

1983 Top 5

**1983 Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Videos, and Top 5 Songs**
(Full album reviews coming later.)

(#1) Iron Maiden/Piece Of Mind (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: UK. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(#2) Metallica/Kill 'Em All (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Thrash.]
(#3) Slayer/Show No Mercy (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Thrash.]
(#4) Dio/Holy Diver (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(#5) Accept/Balls To The Wall (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Germany. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(First Runner-Up)
Hanoi Rocks/Back To Mystery City (1983)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Finland. Genre: Glam Metal.]

(#1) Accept-Balls To The Wall
[From: Balls To The Wall (1983)]
(#2) Dokken-Breaking The Chains
[From: Breaking The Chains (1983)]
(#3) Ozzy Osbourne-Bark At The Moon
[From: Bark At The Moon (1983)]
(#4) Helix-Heavy Metal Love
[From: No Rest For The Wicked (1983)]
(#5) Dio-Holy Diver
[From: Holy Diver (1983)]
(First Runner-Up) 
Black Sabbath-Trashed
[From: Born Again (1983)]
(Second Runner-Up) 
Motley Crue-Too Young To Fall In Love
[From: Shout At The Devil (1983)]
(Third Runner-Up)
Ratt-You Think You're Tough
[From: Ratt (1983)]
(Fourth Runner-Up)
Def Leppard-Rock! Rock! 'Til You Drop
[From: Pyromania (1983)]
(Fifth Runner-Up)
Quiet Riot-Metal Health (Bang Your Head)
[From: Metal Health (1983)]

(#1) Mercyful Fate-Into The Coven
[From: Melissa (1983)]

(#2) Fastway-Say What You Will
[From: Fastway (1983)]

(#3) Grim Reaper-See You In Hell
[From: See You In Hell (1983)]

(#4) Motorhead-Back At The Funny Farm
[From: Another Perfect Day (1983)]

(#5) Thin Lizzy-Holy War
[From: Thunder And Lightning (1983)]