February 13, 2013

MetalGuru's retro Top 5 Lists for 2006: Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Videos, Top 5 Songs

**2006 Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Videos, and Top 5 Songs**
(Full album reviews coming later.)

(#1) Amon Amarth/With Oden On Our Side (2006)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Sweden. Genre: Melodic Death.]
(#2) Ikuinen Kaamos/The Forlorn (2006)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Finland. Genre: Progressive Death/Black.]
(#3) Agalloch/Ashes Against The Grain (2006)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Atmospheric Folk/Black.]
(#4) Insomnium/Above The Weeping World (2006)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: Finland. Genre: Melodic Death.]
(#5) My Dying Bride/A Line Of Deathless Kings (2006)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: UK. Genre: Gothic Doom/Death.]

(#1) Amon Amarth-Cry Of The Black Birds
[From: With Oden On Our Side.]
(#2) Amon Amarth-Runes To My Memory
[From: With Oden On Our Side.]
(#3) Iron Maiden-Different World
[From: A Matter Of Life And Death.]
(#4) Insomnium-Mortal Share
[From: Above The Weeping World.]
(#5) Wolf-I Will Kill Again
[From: The Black Flame.]

(#1) Pharaoh-By The Night Sky
[From: The Longest Night.]

(#2) Communic-Frozen Asleep In The Park
[From: Waves Of Visual Decay.]

(#3) Dark Lunacy-Aurora
[From: The Diarist.]

(#4) Krokus-Too Wired To Sleep
[From: Hellraiser.]

(#5) Eluveitie-The Song Of Life
[From: Spirit.]