February 18, 2013

MetalGuru's retro Top 5 Lists for 2003: Top 5 Albums, Top Videos, Top 5 Songs

**2003 Top 5 Albums, Top Videos, and Top 5 Songs**
(Full album reviews coming later.)

(#1) King Diamond/The Puppet Master (2003)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA-Sweden-Denmark. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(#2) Iron Maiden/Dance Of Death (2003)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: UK. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(#3) Kalmah/Swampsong (2003)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: Finland. Genre: Melodic Death.]
(#4) Klabautamann/Our Journey Through The Woods (2003)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: Germany. Genre: Progressive Black Metal.]
(#5) Slough Feg/Traveller (2003)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Heavy Metal.]

(#1) Dimmu Borgir-Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
[From: Death Cult Armageddon.]
(#2) Akercocke-Leviathan
[From: Choronzon.]
(#3) Omnium Gatherum-Writhen
[From: Spirits And August Light.]
(#4) Opeth-Windowpane
[From: Damnation.]

(#1) Sonata Arctica-The Cage
[From: Winterheart's Guild.]

(#2) Children Of Bodom-Bodom Beach Terror
[From: Hate Crew Deathroll.]

(#3) Anthrax-Cadillac Rock Box
[From: We've Come For You All.]

(#4) Dream Evil-Break The Chains
[From: Evilized.]

(#5) Swallow The Sun-Swallow
[From: The Morning Never Came.]