February 1, 2013

MetalGuru's retro Top 5 Lists for 2009: Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Videos, Top 5 Songs

**2009 Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Videos, and Top 5 Songs**
(Full album reviews coming later.)

(#1) Skeletonwitch/Breathing The Fire (2009)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Melodic Thrash.]
(#2) Klabautamann/Merkur (2009)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Germany. Genre: Progressive Black Metal.]
(#3) Gwynbleidd/Nostalgia (2009)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Progressive Death Metal.]
(#4) Iron Maiden/Flight 666 [DVD] (2009)
[DVD Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: UK. Genre: Heavy Metal.]
(#5) Vektor/Black Future (2009)
[Album Rating: Near-Classic 9/10.]
[Country: USA. Genre: Progressive Thrash.]
(First Runner-Up)
Be'lakor/Stone's Reach (2009)
[Album Rating: Classic 10/10.]
[Country: Australia. Genre: Melodic Death.]

(#1) Skeletonwitch-Submit To The Suffering
[From: Breathing The Fire.]
(#2) Immortal-All Shall Fall
[From: All Shall Fall.]

(#3) Children Of Bodom-Lookin' Out My Back Door
[From: Skeletons In The Closet.]

(#4) My Dying Bride-Bring Me Victory
[From: For Lies I Sire.]

(#5) Insomnium-Down With The Sun
[From: Across The Dark.]

(#1) Slough Feg-Simian Manifesto
[From: Ape Uprising!]

(#2) Candlemass-The Bleeding Baroness
[From: Death Magic Doom]

(#3) Wolf-Ravenous
[From: Ravenous.]

(#4) Blood Tsunami-Personal Exorcism
[From: Grand Feast For Vultures.]

(#5) Megadeth-This Day We Fight!
[From: Endgame.]